How to Set Struts2 Environment for Eclipse with Oracle 10g Express Edition

Here we are using  Eclipse jee Indigo SR2 and Above and Oracle 10g XE and Above
Download Required Jar files
Jars Download Link 1
Jars Download Link 2

1: Right Click Over Project Explorer  
New->Dynamic Web Project

2:Type Project Name , Select Server and click Next button

you will see Configure project for building a Java application, click on Next button.
next screen will be Web Module for Configure web module settings, click on finish button.

3: Project Explorer After Click on finish button.

4: Right Click on your project and click on Properties

5: Properties->Java Build Path->Libraries->Add Library

Click on Add Library go to User Library then click next button.

6: Click on User Library

7: Click on New and give User Library Name and press OK button.

8: Click on Add Jars

9: Go-to Struts jars folder where all your downloaded jar files are located and click on open.

10: View After Adding Jars , click OK.

11: Select StrutsJars User Libraries Check-box and click Finish

12: Properties > Java Build Path > Libraries > Add External Jars

Now for Adding External Jars for Oracle JDBC go to following location and select both the JARs and press OK button to add them as External JARs.

13: View After Adding JDBC Jar Files press OK

14: Right click over ProjStruts > Properties and Go-to Deployment  Assembly.
Click on Add button
Select Java Build Path Entries and click next
Select StrutsJars and click finish
View of Deployment Assembly, click Apply then OK

15: Final View of Project in Project Explorer After Adding All Required Jars

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